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After a bleak year and lack of normal social activities, we could be hopeful that things will be much better in 2021. It’s time to start celebrating important events again, including your child’s birthday. The pandemic has caused major changes in the way we interact with one another and in social events. However, with the promise of an effective vaccine and lockdowns being lifted for summer, it’s time to start planning your upcoming birthday celebrations or overdue late birthday today.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some fun birthday theme ideas for little ones:

Circus- plan a birthday party that feels like a small circus. Consider hiring a clown for the party. Oversized balloon garlands, red/white striped pennant flags, tissue pom poms paper lantern, red/white striped table skirt and striped bags for popcorn are excellent decorations for an exciting circus birthday party.


Pirate Treasure Hunts- backyard scavenger hunts are fun activities for children. One clue leads to the next, until children can find the treasure. Split children into two or three teams and let them compete to find treasure boxes filled with sweets. The classic colours of a pirate party are red, black and brown.


Video Games- many children are obsessed with video games and it could be a great theme for birthday party. Valorant- or Fortnite-themed birthday party gives off an exciting vibe, if you add relevant decorations, like posters and t-shirts. Fortnite is not too hardware demanding, so you could allow children to play with laptops and desktops.


Superheroes- your child might enjoy having an action-packed birthday party with a superheroes theme. You can add relevant decorations including Pop, Bam! and Pow! signs to set the scene and encourage fancy dress! With boxes and craft paper, you can build an ideal cityscape. Send children on a Batarang or Kryptonite hunt or present them with a challenge to spark the imagination!


Outdoor Movie Night- if your children love watching movies, consider having an outdoor movie night party. You may only need a laptop, a white sheet for a screen, good speakers, and a projector. With Netflix or other movie streaming services, you can let children choose a film they want to watch. Offer popcorn, sandwiches, hot chocolate, nachos, and fruit juices to make your outdoor movie night birthday party even better – and a balloon arch and some garden lights are a must for a fun backdrop! Drive-in movie themed parties are cute and easy!


Unicorn- girls often love having magical unicorns as the central theme of their birthday party. Guests can wear horn headbands and tulle veils. In keeping with the unicorn theme, dominant colours should be pastel. There should be glitter details everywhere you look. A pastel ombre cake is a great addition to a unicorn-themed party. If you want to add to the festive experience, consider hanging a few DIY unicorn pinatas filled with sweets and confectionary.



Parties on a Favourite Storybook- I have worked with many parents over recent years to bring their children’s favourite stories to life, creating beautiful set ups with cardboard characters, themed balloon arches and displays and numbers filled with colourful balloons to celebrate the age! Some examples include zoo-themed birthdays for animal-lovers, woodland party settings, The Cat in The Hat and Winnie The Pooh! So, if your little one is obsessed with a particular book, story, setting or character, don’t hesitate to let me know!


Jungle/zoo Themed Party – if your child just loves animals and is obsessed with all things adventure, you’re not alone! Our jungle safari balloons are one of the most popular products and the trend just keeps rising! Our balloon arch for this theme features many animal kingdom favourites including monkeys, tigers, lions and giraffes!


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