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Birthdays and anniversaries are a perfect time for family members and friends to get together and celebrate life. However, the pandemic is preventing us from enjoying our normal activities, including celebrating these special events. There are now rules and regulations surrounding gatherings and, if done wrong, a birthday celebration could lead to a hefty fine. Even so, with the help of an experienced event organiser, it is possible to organise something special and make things happen. These important annual events are a way to remind us about the important things in our lives, even if we cannot physically gather.


Here are a few ideas to make your birthdays and anniversaries extra special in lockdown:


Send Cards And Hampers- personalised cards can be simple things, but they are a great addition to any special event. Family members and friends may make their own cards with photos and handwritten notes to make them special. If possible, try to send the birthday or anniversary card physically, because digital cards are becoming less meaningful these days. It would be even better to send the card with a hamper. You may include small gifts like chocolates, cheese, biscuits, homemade mince pies, sweets, or anything that the recipient would love to have. It is a wonderful gesture that people won’t forget for a long time. No time to make a hamper yourself?


Personalised Gifts- personalised gifts are special because they are adorned with personal touches. A picture, name, or a short message can be imprinted or engraved onto a ring or bracelet. The recipient will know that it’s a gift specifically made for him or her which will give it much more value than chocolates or flowers.


Organise Digital Parties Over Zoom- it is possible to make a Zoom party feel like a celebration. Ask all your virtual guests to prepare their own snacks, cakes, and beverages at home. The host should decorate the background, so people can get into the festive mood while staying safe and comfortable in their own homes.


DIY Balloon Kit- a DIY balloon kit from Mint & Pink makes celebrating your next birthday or anniversary a lot more fun. You can have a beautifully designed birthday / anniversary balloon displays delivered direct to your home with easy-to-follow set-up instructions. This means nobody has to come to your home and you and your guests will have a much safer celebration but it will remain a beautiful backdrop for the special day!


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